Rather than send mailing lists to all households, Targeted Mailing List help you reach the right audience, thereby giving you total control. This is key to your success. 

Targeted mailing lists —What is it? 

A targeted mailing list helps segment your prospects or potential customers. This ensures important information and adverts get to the right quarters, increasing reach and boosting sales. 

Reasons why you need a targeted list 

Saturating an area with your mails is a bad business tactic. It leads to a total waste of time and money. A targeted mailing list helps you reach a specific type of people you want to do business with or businesses that need your products or services. 

Let’s assume you sell scrubs and medical-related clothing. You may want to purchase a mailing list that includes the names of doctors and other health personnel. With a targeted mailing list, you will increase your reach, save more money, and boost sales.  

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Targeted Mailing Lists FAQs

[Q] Is there is a difference between a targeted mailing list and a saturation mailing list? 

[A] Yes, differences exist between the two. Saturation mailing list captures every household on a USPS route. In contrast, a targeted mailing list helps you reach specific households that may need your products or services. 

Let’s assume you sell children’s toys. It would be aimless mailing all households. Some households may not have children in it. You lose money. You lose time. However, a targeted mailing list will assist you in reaching families with children. 

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