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Skip Tracing In Real Estate

Did you know that investors can adopt skip-tracing into their search for real estate leads? You didn’t? It’s a good thing you’ve come to us. Read on to find out how useful skip tracing is to real estate.

What Is Skip Tracing In Real Estate?

Every real estate investor is always on the lookout for great properties to add to their collection. However, they do tend to run into vacant houses with unidentifiable owners. This is where the problem lies. Without knowledge of the owner, how can you possibly buy the property?

That’s where skip tracing comes in. This simply refers to the process of discovering the location of a property owner. You must have heard of skip tracing used for tracking phone numbers. It’s pretty much the same process but with a different goal.

What Is The Goal Of Skip Tracing In Real Estate?

It’s pretty clear what skip tracing serves to real estate investors. It’s an efficient means of locating property owners looking to sell off their properties. It is also used by property owners to track interested investors willing to buy their properties.

Taking it up a notch with batch skip tracing, you get access to top-tier market data needed for tracing potential property sellers and buyers.

In summary, the essence of skip tracing is to for tracing the following information about real estate owners:

  • Their current address
  • Their phone numbers and contact details
  • Their email address
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