Major Benefits of Postcard Marketing

In this digital age, it’s easy to think that snail mail is dead. But, research, in fact, shows that the opposite is true. According to the United States Postal Service, 62% of Millennials, 55% of Gen X, and 52% of Boomers have visited a store after receiving a piece of marketing material about it in the mail.

So, if you’re not using postcard marketing, then you’re missing out on connecting with potential customers, plain and simple.

If even after reading that stat you’re still not convinced that direct mail marketing is important for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of using a postcard marketing service to connect with your target market.

It’s Cost-Effective

As a business owner, you know the importance of spending money on your marketing strategies. However, it can be discouraging to spend thousands of dollars on online ads, only to realize they’re not bringing in new customers.

Direct mail postcards, however, are generally much cheaper than digital marketing services. Since postcards don’t require an envelope, you’ll only have to pay for the design, printing, and postage of the mailers, which helps to keep costs down.

And, best of all, as long as you’ve built a good list of contacts, they’re guaranteed to land in the hands of your target market, which gives them a great ROI.

It Gives You a Unique Way to Stand Out

If you’ve experimented with email marketing in the past, then you know how hard it is to get someone to initially open your email. After all, if your subject line isn’t captivating enough, it’ll go straight in the trash folder. With postcard marketing, you have a better opportunity to stand out.

When designing your postcards, take some time to do some research about the psychology of colors and how people respond to them. Use your postcards as an opportunity to be creative, using bold design choices and witty headlines. You only have a few moments to grab someone’s attention when they’re flipping through their mail pile, so take advantage of it!

It’s Versatile

One of the best parts about using postcard marketing is that you can use them to help you achieve virtually any marketing goal. If you want to increase website traffic, that can be the focus of your message, with your site URL as the only call to action.

Or, maybe you want to get more people on the phone? In that case, you can include your contact phone number on the card, along with information about how your representatives can help solve a particular pain point.

You can further drive engagement by encouraging recipients to fill out a form on the back of the postcard and send it back to you. The possibilities are virtually endless.

It’s Highly Targeted

When it comes to most forms of “traditional” marketing, like TV ads, there’s only so much control who have over who sees your message. Postcard marketing, on the other hand, gives you full control over who sees your ads.

You can either craft your campaign around people who are already in your CRM, or you can purchase a mailing list based on certain parameters.

Here at ListAbility, we offer mailing lists based on who you want to target with your campaign. So, let’s say you want to connect with new homeowners within your service area. You can set parameters based on zip code, type of home, net worth, etc. so that you’re only hitting the mailboxes of those who fit your target audience.

It Comes With a Fast Turnaround Time

Have you ever procrastinated on a time-sensitive promotion or thought of a great marketing idea only to realize it’s too late to implement it? We’ve all been there! Fortunately, postcard marketing is perfect for quick turnarounds.

Once your design is finalized, you can receive your printed postcards very quickly. And, to save even more time, you can opt for prepaid postage, so you don’t have to bother with the time it takes to apply postage yourself.

In most cases, you can launch your postcard marketing campaign in as little as a few days. All you’ll have to do is sit back and wait for the leads to start rolling in.

It’s Short and Sweet

In general, people have a short attention span, especially when they’re being marketed to nearly every second of the day. Fortunately, the whole point of a postcard is to reach your target market with a short, simple message, encouraging them to take further action later.

Because postcards are short and sweet, people are more likely to actually read them, instead of just skimming them or throwing them directly in the trash. With the right messaging, you can even leave the recipient wanting more, giving them extra motivation to learn more about how your products or services can help make their lives easier.

It’s Measurable

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a postcard campaign is that it’s easy to measure its success. Make sure the call to action on your postcard is unique, such as a specific URL that no one would see anywhere else. Then, since you know how many people you sent the postcard to, you can compare that number to the number of visits to the URL.

This makes it easier for you to A/B test the efficacy of different messages or the responsiveness of different audiences. As a result, you’ll be able to calculate the exact ROI of your campaign to determine how to move forward with future campaigns.

Here to Help With Your Postcard Marketing Efforts

After reading through the many benefits of postcard marketing, why wait any longer to give it a try for your business? Here at ListAbility, we can help you manage your direct mailing efforts by providing you with targeted mailing lists and printing high-quality postcards to help you spread the word about your business.

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