Digital marketing has really boomed in recent years. With lots of companies operating solely online, many have chosen to forgo print marketing, much to their detriment.

Print marketing, including direct mail campaigns, have different strengths and weaknesses compared to its digital cousin. Successful businesses have started to realize that when they combine targeted digital AND print marketing, they’re seeing more traffic, more customers, and ultimately, more growth.

But what exactly are the benefits of print marketing? And how can companies take advantage of it?

  1. 100 % open rate

This almost goes without saying: people don’t check all their emails. In fact, many people delete their emails before even opening them. Or emails end up in spam folders.

But everyone checks their mail. You will get guaranteed eyes on your postcard because people have to physically hold it and look at it. Which means mail campaigns have a 100% open rate compared to their email counterparts.

  1. Target local customer base

Businesses do best when they can identify and engage with their target audience. Most of the time, this means local customers. Whether you are a church, a dentist, a school, or a cookie shop, your target audience are going to be the people in your local communities. Direct mail campaigns are set up well for sending postcards to a wide yet local audience.

  1. Customized marketing

There’s a misbelief that mail campaigns are boring. They don’t have to be! There are so many customizable options on the market, including size, color, materials, and design. The more effort spent on creating an attractive mail campaign, the more your postcards and mailers will catch customers’ eyes and draw them in.

Types of Mail Campaigns

Starting to see the benefits of print marketing? Here are two options for mail campaigns that businesses find especially useful: Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and targeted direct mail.

Every Door Direct Mail

The United States Postal Service (USPS) created this program in order to help advertisers reach a wider audience while still reducing costs. In other words, you reach a lot of people but don’t need additional mailing services, lists, or permits when you use EDDM. Which is great for companies who want to target their local communities and neighborhoods. All you have to do is choose a mailing route, provide the mailers, and they will be delivered for you for lower rates.

One thing to keep in mind when considering EDDM is you must follow all requirements set by the USPS. Mailers (usually postcards) have to be a certain size, and you have to have the right amount of mail to send to every address along your chosen route (i.e. if there are 1,754 addresses along a route, you need 1,754 mailers).

Targeted Direct Mail

While this is a more expensive option compared to EDDM, it is also a more targeted approach which means you might see better feedback more quickly.  Direct mail is a process when you send a piece of mail to a specific address. You also have more leeway in terms of what kind of mail you can send—in other words, it doesn’t have to be a postcard.

Combining targeted direct mail with a skip tracing service will allow you to target the exact right audience for your product or service.

ListAbility is a company that provides both print and digital marketing services. Combined with our skip tracing abilities, you can identify and target the right audience for your business, so you see more growth and better profits! Check out our website for more information or give us a call today.

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