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How Can Insurance Agents Get a List of People Turning 65?

When someone turns 65, they face a lot of life changes leading to purchase decisions. Smart companies have learned how to directly contact the consumers in the critical months before their 65th birthday. Businesses such as health insurance can take advantage of Turning 65 Mailing Lists to obtain contact information during the critical months when people need to make important decisions.

Medicare Health Insurance Agents and Brokers are in a good position to guide these 64-year-olds on their options for Medicare supplemental plans. The key is to get a list of people several months prior to their 65th birthday. A ListAbility is a mailing list broker who can provide you with the data needed to help you get the edge over your competition.

Savvy Medicare Supplemental Insurance Agents engage in outbound marketing. Mail and email campaigns have proven to be very effective. A postcard arriving at their home can be very educational and provide the information to instill urgency.

Medicare can be complex with the numerous plans, plan combinations, benefits, rules and exceptions. Let them know that you can help them get signed up for Medicare and what their options are for supplemental plans – and that they don’t pay you a dime.

Your first step in a Medicare insurance agent or broker’s outbound marketing campaign is to get an accurate list of “Turning 65” prospects.

Based on the plans and the programs you want to promote, there are several options you need to consider to get your best prospects.

  • What birthday months do you want to start with? Perhaps you will want to get a list that starts 3 months out from now.
  • Where do you want your prospective clients to live? Choose zips, cities, counties or radius from a zip.
  • Is income a factor for the plans you want to promote? This will vary from region to region and whether you specialize in high-end plans down to government or grant supplemented segments.
  • Does homeownership effect your prospective clients? Segment by homeowner or renter.
  • You can select by marital status if you have a preference for working with couples or singles.

How to improve the effectiveness of your Turning 65 Marketing Campaign

  • Plan your timing. How far out in advance of the critical 65th birthday do you want make contact? Most recommend mailing twice, at 3 and 6 months.
  • Consider your offer – give your prospects the incentive to contact you. Maybe include a discount or something free (you can work with local vendors/retailers).
  • Keep the list forefront in your mind. You definitely want your great offer going to the right prospects before they turn 65.

You can learn more about our “Turning 65 Mailing Lists” here.

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When choosing a mailing list broker for your Turning 65 List, be sure that they can segment by date of birth month and year on the list that they provide. You will also want to ask about how accurate their lists are, when they were last updated and if they are run against the National Change of Address (NCOA) so you have the most current address. ListAbility fits the bill for all of these requirements.

Whatever your industry, ListAbility has mail, email and telemarketing data for your most effective marketing campaigns. ListAbility has been helping companies target accurate business and consumer mailing lists since 2003. We work with resellers, brokers, agencies, printers, and mail houses along with direct mailers on their own campaigns to deliver superior customer service, the best data, and competitive pricing. ListAbility – The Right List Broker and The Best Mailing List.

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