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Don’t be left high and dry, this is the time to be marketing to swimming pool owners. Use Direct Mail Marketing to Promote Your Swimming Pool Business

Spring is in full swing in many parts of the country and is just around the corner for other areas. People are starting to think of summer fun. If you want the lucrative business of opening pools and maintaining them for the season, NOW is the time to start signing up homeowners with pools.

Most broadcast and print media are out of reach for the smaller pool companies. Even if your company has a large marketing budget, TV, newspapers, and radio are reaching out to too broad an audience. Smart marketers want to direct their advertising dollars to homeowners with swimming pools who are going to need their services!

Direct mail marketing will put your message in the hands of the people most likely to want to buy from you.

The key is the mailing list. Take a look at ListAbility’s Swimming Pool Owners Mailing List as an example of how you can actually target your mailing to just the people you can expect to be your best prospects.

First, you need to determine where you want to travel to service your customers and select a list within that area. It might be a group of towns, a couple of counties, or even a radius distance from your business office or storefront.

Homeowners in single-family homes are the most popular target market, but quite a few pool owners have a 2 or 3 family home. You might consider adding in those people as well.

Depending on your promotion and price point, consider specifying a minimum home market value or income so you don’t mail to people who probably can’t afford your services.

Pool owners with children could be your target market if you want to promote pool accessories such as slides or motion detectors. If you are offering environmentally friendly services, target people with an interest in Green Living.

While the list is important in getting your message to the right people, you want to be sure that your mailpiece is pleasing to the eye, well written, and relays the benefits of your service. You want to include a call to action that will give your prospect a reason to pick up the phone or get on their computer to get in touch with you.

ListAbility is a mailing list broker with the expertise and quality data to guide you through the process of obtaining a highly targeted mailing, telemarketing, or email list. A better list will pay dividends with the savings you garner in printing and postage – to say nothing of getting noticed by the right people!

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