There are about 18.2 million veterans in the USA. Get a Veterans Mailing List to establish connections with veterans and their families. 


Veterans Mailing List—What is it? 

It is a marketing list that contains the names and addresses of veterans and their family members. Businesses of people who offer veteran-related services and products to veterans and their families will find the mailing list extremely beneficial. It will help grow their business and boost sales. 

Types of Businesses that benefit from using a Veterans Mailing List 

If your business or nonprofit provides services or products to Veterans, then a Veteran Mailing List could help you connect with Veterans across the USA.

Below is a list of some of the different types of companies and organizations that can benefit from getting Veteran Mailing List; 

  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • VA Benefit Liaisons
  • Veteran Employment Specialists
  • Veteran Clubs
  • Caregivers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors

Does your list contain the names of  Veterans?

Yes. Our list contains the name and address of the veteran or any adult family member living with the veteran. 

Is it possible to get a list of Veterans who fought in a specific war?

No, it is impossible to have veterans’ data who were in a specific war or the other. However, we can help you search for other demographics such as age. 

How do you know if someone is a Veteran?

We source our information from many sources ranging from census data, memberships in clubs, self-reported information, etc. 

Is your list accurate? If yes, how accurate? 

Our lists are sourced by famous companies across the country. Our list is cleaned and updated daily. This makes our list very accurate.

How do I get a Mailing List?

You can order a Veteran Mailing List here. You could also decide to speak with our list specialist. It takes less than approximately 5 minutes to get your mailing list up and running. 

Veterans Mailing List FAQs

[Q] Is it possible to get a mailing list of Veterans who were in specific wars?

[A] No, it is impossible to get a mailing list of veterans who were in a specific war. However, using an age filter can give you a clue about what war a veteran may have possibly fought in. 

[Q] Is it possible to know the rank of a Veteran?

[A]No, it is not possible. 

[Q] Is it possible to get a mailing list of Veterans who are homeowners?

[A]Yes, it is possible. You can apply the “presence of veteran and homeowner” filter on the demography page. 

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