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Absentee Homeowner Lists & Leads

Looking for potentially motivated sellers? Many real estate investors have been reaping success and buying homes from sellers they found from mail campaigns using Absentee Homeowner List & Leads.

Our database has many criteria that can be mixed and matched to pull a custom list for you. These include absentee and owner occupied, property location, owner age (seniors), equity (Loan to Value), home market value, length of ownership, home size and much more.

What is an Absentee Homeowner

An absentee owner is an individual who owns a real estate asset but doesn’t live in or actively maintain it. The phrase “Absentee Owners” is not defined by the way people come to buy a real estate asset, but rather by making an informed decision to let the property sit vacant. Ready to buy Absentee Homeowner Mailing List

They are motivated sellers looking to sell the asset, which works incredibly well for investors. The reason why many vacant homes remain empty is that the homeowners either can’t or don’t want to occupy them, and that’s when investors pitch in.

How do we collect the information?

Information is compiled from local reporting jurisdictions all across the country. Usually, these are the county Register of Deeds and Assessor’s Office. While we have information from the vast majority of the US, there are some areas that don’t report complete information.

Ready to buy a Absentee Homeowner Mailing List

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Minimum Order: $125.00

Absentee Homeowner Leadsper 1,000
Base Rate $          40.00
Homeowner Type $            5.00
Home Market Value Range $           10.00
Property Type Detail $           10.00
Loan to Value Range $           15.00
Purchase Date $           10.00
Total:0.06 – 0.09 cents per lead