Family Masterfile Mailing Lists

Family Masterfile Mailing List

Families are the core consumers!  Parents want to provide the best that they can for their children and need a lot of help along the way. Try our Family Masterfile Mailing List.

The Family Masterfile contains the most accurate information on more families than other files.  Our segmentation allows you to find the type of families that you want to contact – by size, ethnicity, economic circumstances, activities and much more!

This file has been enhanced to include many self-reported interests that can help focus your campaign. These can include pets, career improvement, exercise, outdoor activities, Christian living, board games or computer games, crafts or more.

These families are perfect candidates for daycare, insurance, college savings, vacations, toys, after-school activities, and all of the extras required to raise a family in today’s society.

Data is compiled through public and proprietary sources. The file is selectable by zip, state, county, radius or Congressional District

List Segments

48,734,225Total Families with Children$40.00
34,434,821Households with 1 Child
9,733,223Households with 2 Children

Price per 1000

Order Minimum: $125

A Partial Listing of Demographic Selections

$2.50Adult Age$35.00Child Nearing HS Graduation
$2.50Income$35.00Expectant or Newborn Baby
$2.50Number of Children$7.50Single Parent
$2.50Children’s Age Ranges$10.00Car Make, Model or Year
$2.50Homeowner/Renter$7.00Parent’s Education
$10.00Home Market Value$15.00Ethnicity
$25.00Net Worth$10.00Religion

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