COVID-19 has had a disproportionate effect on everyone causing enormous economic damage to many countries. Businesses’ lives and economic activities have been drastically affected.

However, despite this, some mailing lists have experienced an increase in demand like never before. Today, we want to share our research findings with you. Below are the most popular mailing lists during COVID-19.

Doctor Mailing Lists

The pandemic exacerbated doctor shortages leading to the high demand for doctors and other health professionals. Also inadvertently leading to a high demand in Doctor Mailing Lists.

Nurse Mailing Lists

Nurses form an essential part of the healthcare workforce in battling COVID-19. More nurses are needed for community clinics, leading to increased demand for nurses. Like the Doctor Mailing List, the Nurse Mailing List is also very popular during the pandemic. More nurses are being hired, and this mailing list plays a key role.

Hospital Mailing Lists

Our hospitals are overwhelmed, straining staff. 1 in every 4 deaths is attributed to a lack of access to healthcare facilities, leading to businesses that offer medical-related products and services in high demand.

These businesses are now purchasing mailing lists to establish connections with hospitals.

Local Mailing Lists

COVID-19 has cast a heavy toll on small businesses, closing many of them. Though many local businesses have failed, some have gotten creative by incorporating mailing lists in their business operations.

A local mailing list will help you connect with the consumers who live close to your business. Despite the economic effect of the pandemic, advertising via mailing lists will keep your business above the curve.


A local mailing list keeps reminding your potential customers why they need your product or service even in a pandemic.

We offer services in addition to the most popular mailing lists during COVID-19. Do you want to market your products or services to business owners at home during this pandemic? We have a specialized mailing list that will meet such needs.

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