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When will a free Voter list cost a political campaign more than the one they pay for? When you spend money sending the same message to everyone, but half of them care about something else!Political Campaign

Political campaigners may think getting free voter registration lists from local governments are a good thing, but are they? A better strategy is to obtain a political mailing list with many demographic and lifestyle selects.

Politicians shouldn’t settle for a one size fits all marketing list!

Campaigns can actually improve performance and save money if they segment mailings: focus on the issues that will resonate with the recipient demographics.

Families with young children certainly have different goals for their government than seniors hoping to enjoy their retirement.

ListAbility supplies targeted mailing lists for political campaigns and the support of issues and surveys.

List segmentation options include:

  • Voter Registration: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Undeclared
  • Donors: Conservative or Liberal Causes
  • Single or Married
  • Age: young adults to aging seniors
  • Income: struggling to comfortable
  • Children: ages and number of children
  • Environmental interests
  • Education, Focus on Career, Multi-Generational Households

Take advantage of today’s short-run and variable print technologies to deliver targeted direct mail messages to people, based on their personal circumstances.

Obtain a targeted mailing list for your political campaign that will allow you to talk about the issues that the voter will care about.
Save money on your campaign mail by obtaining a segmented political mailing list from ListAbility. Learn more!

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