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With so many companies offering business mailing lists, choosing the best for your business can be overwhelming. So, how can you get access to the email addresses of more than 18 million U.S. companies? And, how can you ensure that you are finding the right business email leads to make your direct mail and telemarketing campaigns effective? At Listability you can Buy Business Email Leads.

Most list suppliers or companies offering business lists provide ‘selections’, which means you can apply a filter on the vast databases to limit your search and make your requirement specific that fits your business. Selections can be made based on certain factors like geographical, company size, job titles, and industry sector.

To ease your selection process, we have mentioned what you need to consider when selecting a business to business mailing lists for each element.

Select List by Geography

If you are focusing on a vast audience, break down your target market geographically. Look out for companies that are local to you and work your way outwards. If the products you are selling require a presentation during the buying process, get the email list of companies that are based in the same areas to avoid wasting your time roaming around the country.

Select List by Company Size

Company size can be the number of employees or annual sales. If your business service impacts employees, use the size of employee numbers. Annual sales figures are more relevant for financial or marketing services.

Select List by Job Titles

If you are not sure which department in the company will buy your products or services, check the job titles of your current clients. Some mailing list providers offer the name of the person responsible for a particular function. If you want a list of managers, make sure that you get the right job titles.

Select List by Industry Sector

Want to tailor your marketing messages to specific sectors? This option is just the right for you! To be able to show your prospects that you understand their sector and establish a trust factor, mention issues specific to them in your mail campaigns.

Once you have decided who you would like to target, you can approach mailing list brokers, owners or managers to get the best business list. Need business email leads? ListAbility is the best solution for buyers of business mailing lists. We utilize the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) databases as our primary source for business data. Contact us at 866.446.2055 or to get your list!

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