Do you own a service-based business for homeowners within your area? Then you may benefit from a mailing list service targeting new homeowners.

Although snail mail may seem like an old-fashioned marketing effort, it still has relevancy today. According to Gallup, 41 percent of Americans still look forward to checking their mail every day.

This could be because they’re expecting packages or letters from friends. However, with the right mailing list and service offering, potential customers will still scan your marketing material and decide whether they want to give you a call.

With this in mind, read on to learn how new homeowner mailing lists can benefit your business today!

Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

Before we discuss new homeowner lists, it’s first important to realize that direct mail can still be an integral part of marketing. This is especially true if you rely on local customers. Although we recommend continuing your digital marketing efforts, including direct mail can be an important aspect of a multi-channel marketing campaign.

According to an InfoTrends study, 28 percent of millennials stated that direct mail is more effective at causing them to take action versus email. Since the millennial generation is the largest in U.S. history, it’s important that brands take advantage of any channel that millennials are sure to use and engage with.

How Do New Homeowner Mailing Lists Work?

Direct mail marketing is still effective. However, how do new homeowner mailing lists work–and would they be effective for your business?

Mailing lists in general work by compiling the names and addresses of people within a specific geographic area. However, you can get even more detailed by targeting based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Purchase price
  • Home equity
  • Loan type

A new homeowner mailing list targets a list of homeowners that have recently bought their home. Compiling a mailing list for new homeowners is effective because, during that time, they’re more likely to be seeking out new contractors in the area.

Consider all the services you might need as a new homeowner–cleaning, repairs, renovations, pest control, and more. By ensuring that your marketing material reaches their mailbox before competitors, you’re situating yourself at the top of their minds. It may even seem like your business read their mind since they’ll be actively searching for contractors!

Where to Get Homeowner Information

One of the best reasons to work with a mailing list service is that the work is done for you. All you need to do is use a database in order to filter the addresses you need depending on your target audience.

If you want to compile a list on your own, you’ll have to use an email list in order to gather people’s information. The only issue with this is that it can be hard to send out targeted direct mail based on that list, as you would need to manually find out the age of their homes.

Oftentimes, compelling potential customers to fill out form fields can be hard, especially if they’re required to give away deeply personal information like their addresses.

Purchasing mailing lists is an easy way to get the jump on the competition. You can feel confident that the names and addresses you’re given are accurate and up-to-date.

You can also be sure that the mailing list is targeted. Instead of a general list of addresses, it will be filtered based on your specifications, whether that be the age of their home or when they first moved in.

Create Eye-Catching Designs

If you know that you have a service-based business that could benefit new homeowners, it’s important that you keep in mind that the design of your marketing material matters. You want to create a professional design with bold colors and typography that signifies your brand.

Many companies opt to use wording in the heading such as, “Are you a new homeowner?” or “Welcome to the Neighborhood” in order to instantly draw the attention of people who have just moved in. However, you can also offer discounts for first-time customers, free consultations, and more in order to incentivize them to give your website a visit or give you a call.

Hiring the services of a graphic designer can be imperative if you’re planning on sending out hundreds to thousands of pieces of mail. When it comes to the type of direct mail, we recommend postcards–they have a 100 percent open rate! This is because as soon as new homeowners take your postcard out of their mailbox, they still have to glance over it in order to determine whether they should keep it or throw it away.

Supercharge Your Local Marketing

Now that you understand all the benefits of new homeowner mailing lists, it’s important to keep in mind why they’re so effective. This is because they’re targeted ads that are only sent out to customers that have a higher likelihood of doing business with you.

Once new homeowners move in, they’re already in the process of considering local contractors for renovations, repairs, cleanup, and more. At that point, it’s the perfect time to beat your competitors and gain their attention first.

Inboxes are easily ignored, but a high-quality piece of direct mail with a strong call to action can spur them to make a decision to contact your company.

Ready to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities available for companies that target new homeowners? Request a quote from us today!

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