Businesses Are Spending Increased Marketing Budgets, Direct Mail, direct marketing savings are still needed

Do your direct marketing campaigns still need to SAVE money ………even without the postal hike? direct marketing savings are still needed

Postal customers can look forward to saving about $3 billion annually for postage, thanks to the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) rejection of the latest US Postal Service’s proposed rate hike.

Mailers may be breathing a sigh of relief, but many are still feeling the economic pinch. These businesses are still looking for ways to cut the cost to find new customers and grow their businesses. They know Direct Mail Advertising is still one of the best mediums to use.

The big question!?

How can we cut expenses without sacrificing the revenue-generating benefits of prospect mailing?

Be more particular about who you are mailing to!

You should make sure that recipients might want to spend some money on what you are selling. A smaller list will save printing and postage expenses. So maybe you don’t need to send to the entire population if a highly focused mailing list will boost ROI.

What characteristics make a good prospect for YOU? There are so many ways to generate a focused mailing list. Remember, a targeted mailing list will save money on postage and bring in better results.

Looking for business prospects?

Your list broker can help select a list by business type, sales volume, or a number of employees. Choose to include branches or franchises and more.

Looking for consumer household prospects?

A good list broker will start asking you questions to plan the best way to narrow your list down. The options are almost endless: age, income, homeownership, gender, children, automotive, health, voter registration, high tech, special interests, and more. Now what do you think direct marketing savings are still needed.

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