Postal Service, Getting in Touch With Owners Of Franchise Businesses, Postal Direct Marketing is Alive and Well

Direct mail marketing has seen increases over the past several months. However, the USPS is working to increase volume for First-Class Mail single-piece correspondence.

Many in the industry hope bigger first-class volumes will forestall additional postage increases for the direct marketing industry.
Private companies to offer greeting cards with pre-paid postage

This test provides a convenient method for consumers to purchase a greeting card without having to pay for postage separately.

It is hoped that the simplicity of the process will encourage more people to purchase cards when they can sign, address and mail the card without worrying about the stamp.

Under the proposed market test, participating businesses will produce and distribute pre-approved envelopes according to specific design requirements which will be packaged for sale with greeting cards. Individuals can mail the greeting cards in the pre-approved envelopes without affixing postage.

The Alternate Postage Payment Method has a two-stage process for businesses to pay postage. First, at least 50 % of the postage will be paid based upon reports on the number of cards sold to customers or third-party vendors. Generally, this payment would be retained by the Postal Service regardless of whether the cards are also mailed. Second, the balance of the postage due will be collected based on scans of the cards that are mailed.

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