Property Leads for Real Estate Wholesalers

The challenge for wholesale real estate investors is to find Property Leads for Real Estate Wholesalers so they can make profitable deals. It’s fine to work with a realtor, but by the time a home comes on the market, you could find yourself in a bidding war. This makes it nearly impossible to find a deal that will interest your cash buyers. It’s best to find your own property before they are listed on MLS.

Meeting the challenge of finding off-market leads

Some wholesalers invest their time in Driving for Dollars. Then they spend more time tracking down the owners. The savvier investors have found that Direct Mail Campaigns are far more effective and efficient.

The mailing list you choose is important. You want to target owners who will likely be ready to sell their house, better known as motivated sellers. Working with a Mailing List Broker who specializes in REI will give you an advantage while they guide you through the list acquisition process.

ListAbility is a list broker with the expertise to help. They have been working with all types of RE Investors, including wholesale, to find profitable deals. The best credential is when investors keep coming back for more, year after year.

Three highly recommended mailing lists for motivated seller leads

Absentee Owners are often ready to sell because they no longer want the responsibility of the property. Maybe they live out of state, have a disastrous rental on the other side of town or second home that the family never uses. Whatever the reason, wholesale investors have been getting deals with absentee homeowner lists for years.

Owners with Low Economic Stability Indicators are a classic example of distressed homeowners. You can reach out to these financially stressed owners with an offer to buy their home. Your offer will make it so much easier for them to sell than the traditional route.

Seniors with 15+ Year Ownership have many reasons to sell their home and they want it to be easy. They may be empty-nesters looking to downsize or need to move into new housing with assistance.

These off-market real estate investor mailing lists have plenty of options for you to customize based on your marketing strategy. ListAbility’s REI list experts can help you decide. Choose where you want the property to be, the home value, type of property (single, multifamily, condo, etc), and more.

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