Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

In an age where we hear that print is dead, almost half of Americans look forward to checking their mailbox every day! In fact, the majority of Americans in every age demographic have either physically gone to a store or checked out the website after receiving direct mail marketing material about them. Here we are going to consider Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing.

Even the smallest piece of mail is tactile and much more engaging than a digital ad. With digital ads, consumers can scroll past them or quickly close them out of view. This shows that print is very much alive and an effective way to connect with potential customers.

If you’re looking to take your business’ marketing plan, consumer outreach, and profits to the next level, you need to be utilizing direct mail marketing. It’s a worthy investment for businesses big and small.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing refers to advertising campaigns that deliver printed pieces directly to consumers in the mail. These printed pieces can include postcards, brochures, newsletters, and promotional items. It can be used to reach new customers as well as maintain brand loyalty and engagement with existing customers.

There are mailing lists with addresses and information for both consumers and businesses. There are free lists available. However, one of the best direct mail marketing tips available is to buy targeted lists. These lists offer the demographic data available in the area for highly targeted ads.

Now let’s go over some of the advantages that direct mail marketing offers and why you should include them in your business’ marketing plan.

Surprising Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

1. Direct Mail is Cost-Effective

Direct mail campaigns have a greater response rate. This makes them cost-effective as there is a greater return on investment. Mail lists can be small or large to work within any sized marketing budget.

It’s also a great investment because consumers will open and engage with direct mail ads more so than with digital ones. Direct mail postcards have a 100% open rate! Postcards don’t require envelopes either which helps maintain cost-effectiveness.

2. Multichannel Marketing

The direct mail marketing campaign can work in conjunction with a digital campaign. This allows for a true multichannel marketing strategy. It creates more touch-point opportunities with consumers. This can lead to greater brand recognition and permanence.

A great strategy is to include a QR code. This can link back to a digital coupon, offers, menu, or showcase of work for consumers. The QR code can also link directly to the business app, if available, so consumers can download it.

3. Consumers Feel Seen

One of the greater benefits of direct mail marketing is that it can be targeted to consumers. Businesses can use demographic data available to specific regions. You can target consumers based on age, the number of children in the household, average household income, purchasing trends, profession types, and more!

Creating direct mail campaigns that resonate with your demographic creates relevance. This personalization helps consumers feel validated by the brand and creates more trust.

4. Direct Mail Establishes Trust

Consumers have skepticism when it comes to online ads. We’ve all been inundated with pop-ups and edited photos that create distrust towards online advertisements.

Print media is not met with as much skepticism. There is more value and trustworthiness with tangible items. Especially when we all use and depend on the mail.

Pairing this, with the fact that targeted ads help consumers feel validated, direct mail marketing helps to establish more trust between consumers and the brand.

5. Direct Mail Saves Time

Creating a direct mail campaign is relatively easy compared to digital ads. There is no need to hire teams with technical education to develop user interfaces and back-end developers to program and run an entire digital campaign. This doesn’t even include the creative team developing the digital ad!

With a direct mail campaign, you can develop your message, have it printed and sent out quickly. Brands can see through an entire campaign lifecycle rapidly. This quick turnaround allows for more sales time and potential profits.

6. Direct Mail is More Creative

Designers in a digital world are often limited by banner sizes and resolution. Consumers will experience this through a screen.

Direct mail allows designers to create tangible objects that consumers will hold onto. They can even experience different smells, sizes, paper textures, and 3D pop-ups upon opening. The possibilities are limitless!

A crucial direct mail marketing advice is to create an experience that resonates with consumers so much, they can’t wait to seek out the brand.

7. Direct Mail Gives Competitive Edge

The average person has 200 emails sitting in their personal inbox. Those in office environments receive an average of 120 emails a day! These figures will only increase as time goes on and more businesses become digital.

Thankfully, that’s not the number of physical mail sitting in mailboxes or received in a day by households. That’s why investing in a direct mail marketing campaign will give your brand a competitive advantage.

If the campaign incorporates some creative items like magnets or stickers, it can expose the brand to neighbors and friends who visit.

Create Your Direct Mail Campaign

Given these surprising benefits of direct mail advertisements, it’s no wonder why investing in one can propel the way businesses connect with customers.

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